In Light of the Virus

Thanks for visiting Woodmen on the web. Out of care for our neighbors and in compliance with government directives, we’re offering two great ways for folks to join us in worship. Our online service is full of powerful, authentic worship and inspiring, gospel-centered teaching. A new service is released each Saturday at 6 PM for you to watch any time. To view the online service in a small-group community, join a Woodmen Huddle and catch the service each week with friends in a living room setting.

If you're ready to gather in larger groups, we're now worshiping together in on-campus services. We'd love to have you join us! Check below for more info on these gatherings. As COVID continues to be a significant concern, we're diligent in showing care for the health of our community and complying with government guidance. So we wear masks and have six feet of distance between parties in these services, out of deference and love for our neighbors.


We're glad you've stopped by! Visiting a new church can be overwhelming, but knowing what to expect can help make things better.

We believe Christ calls the church to be about people. So we’re glad to have all kinds of people join us every weekend. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you’ve done, the love of God is here for you and so are we.

We hope you’ll join us for a weekend service!


We gather to encounter God and respond to Him in worship. As we sing songs together we lift up the name of Jesus, God’s Son who gave up his life and rose again to make a way for us to be in relationship with God. The words are projected on a big screen, so even if you don’t know the songs at first, you can join in if when you feel comfortable.

In each service we join ancient traditions of the church, practiced for millennia, celebrating the glory of the Father, Son and Spirit through song and prayer. We also see each gathering as a catalyst for tomorrow, providing fuel and inspiration for life in the days ahead.

Sometimes we’ll mix in hymns that have encouraged people of faith for hundreds of years, but we’ll also sing lots of current songs that reflect new things God is doing today. The music is dynamic and on most weekends, the band includes drums, electric guitars and keyboards. Other weekends we might feature just an acoustic guitar and a cello. About once each month we receive communion together.


We want you to feel at ease, so wear whatever clothes you’re comfortable in. We believe God cares more about our hearts than our clothes. You’ll usually find our teaching pastor in jeans and Converse.


Next-Steps-Squares-2Kids-web-1000.jpgEven your littlest of kids can engage with God's Word through just-for-them teaching, drama and worship at Woodmen Kids.
Next-Steps-Squares-2Students-WEB-1000.jpgStudents (grades 5 - 12) meet at various times depending on the campus. Find out more by clicking the button above.
Next-Steps-Squares-2Connect-Web-1000.jpgYou’ll find friendly hosts there who are experts to answer your questions and help you find community.
Next-Steps-Squares-2Woodmen-Welcome-web-1000.jpgWe want to know you better! You are invited to a fun, low-key opportunity to meet campus staff and get to know others new to Woodmen. 


Well, that’s up to you. We’d love to get to know you better and help you feel at home. But we know that building church relationships isn’t a one-size-fits-all process. We understand there might be things about church or faith that seem confusing or scary. You’re not alone. We’ve been in your shoes and we want to serve you without being pushy. You can check out Connect Central or the Woodmen Welcome. You'll find friendly folks ready to help you. You can also CLICK HERE to fill out a form to get connected. 

That’s all for this page, but we hope it isn’t goodbye. Feel free to look around our website some more and let’s continue the conversation in person. Come see us soon.