College Guatemala - January 2021 - Day 5

College Guatemala - January 2021 - Day 5

Today we did something a little different than the last few days. Instead of going out into the community of Cruz Blanca, we stayed at the learning center and 20 families came to see us there to receive encouragement and to gather their food bags. Several families would gather inside the learning center and we would have a music session lead by Karen, and I read some words of encouragement from the book of Matthew about coming to Jesus and He will give those who are weary rest. Hannah, Cali, and Josh K. engaged with the families and played games with the kids.

After all the families got their food bags, all the teachers at the learning center and the people of Unum (including us on the mission team) spent some time in friendly competition by playing a game Josh C. made up. It was a blast to just be a little crazy with everyone and let loose after several days of hard work. The teachers definitely killed us in the game. After the game, some of the teachers shared with us what it was like teaching the kids during the country shut down due to covid. It was a struggle for both student and teacher and they both had to work super hard to continue their education. The teachers went to check up on the students, called them with homework assignments, and encouraged them to keep studying.  

Josh C.’s sister, Rut, shared her testimony of how she was called to teach the kids in the small communities of San Juan, her miraculous pregnancy, and her fears of covid. Her story is a testament of overcoming fear and giving her anxieties to the Lord who has complete control of her life and knows the number of her days here on Earth. We then had to say our bittersweet goodbyes to the teachers there at that learning center.

When we got back to Mimi’s house, we helped Josh C. fill bags of nutrient full rice for an organization he helps with. Before debriefing later this evening, we played a couple of spontaneous games of Hide-and-Seek which was so fun! I love how this group of people can just go with the flow and do something totally out of the blue. When we were all played out, we listened to Josh C.’s testimony about how important it is to take care of yourself so you can do the very best for God and for others you possibly can do. I also gave my testimony about trusting God and putting my identity in Him who is always the same.  

Today was a day full of fun and also being intentional with others and listening to what they have to say. Not so that we can give a right answer, but so that we can build relationships with others. I am reminded of how amazing it is that every one of God’s children worships the same God, no matter where we live, what are past looks like, or how we worship Him. He is always the same.

-Maddie Huddle