College Guatemala - January 2021 - Day 3

College Guatemala - January 2021 - Day 3

You might say, "What is a word that you could use to characterize some of the interactions you've had with locals there in Guatemala?" In honesty, I would characterize the interactions with the families here in Cruz Blanca, Guatemala with the word, "hearty." Why? 

I'm walking down the neighborhood streets of rural Cruz Blanca with a team of five people. For the past several hours, we have been delivering food bags to some of the local families by foot. This is our second home visit of the day. A fire pit smolders with smoke from the home we are approaching as I begin to make out our destination through the thick of trees in the neighborhood. We are greeted at a stoned gate of the home by the young daughter of the family who kindly sees us to a corridor where the rest of the family begins to gather. "Buenos dias!" I said to each person who emerge from their daily routine to greet us. We are welcomed by a family of seven as they set out chairs for us to sit with them. The mama of the home explains that she was a widow as we connected through our translators. Although the father of this home had passed away, you would have thought that he was still present with as much as they shared about his impact in their lives. All are seated and our conversation is going well when I heard the Lord speak to me, "Tell them about how you used to do roofing." I used to do construction in the past years, but it wasn't something that I was very willing to mention because I wanted to be listening and inquiring. I waited a bit and then briefly interjected about how I had worked in construction in the years past. Something about that passing comment caused a more reserved boy, Victor, who hadn't been very response to the questions, to light up in his face and begin sharing how he had a dream of working construction as well. Immediately, I had realized why the Lord had asked me to share that. It wasn't for me but for the boy, Victor. I connected with him in that moment and saw a change of expression in his face. He had hope. To my surprise, he returned the question and asked me what I loved. I saw how God works even in small ways to validate and refresh us. He cares for us and is intimately aware of the desires of our hearts. 

Although this interaction was small, many more are emerging showing God's faithfulness. It is leading me and my team to understand more how to move in the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit. 

I am convinced that God speaks to the heart. His love is poured out in the heart for us and for others. It is in the heart that the Lord is facilitating the ministry he is doing in our own team and in the families we are visiting in Guatemala.

-Josh Kinyon


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