El Salvador November 2019 Day 6

El Salvador November 2019 Day 6

Today started with arriving at a different center, which has never been visited before. They were thrilled to have us and worshipped, sang, and danced with us. We were able to go on our third home visit, where we were met by a beautiful family with two daughters - 13 and 4 years old.

El Salvador 111519 team home visit.jpg

The moment I saw Marilu, the older sister, her bright smile radiated joy; it was like a dark room with the spotlight on her. The love in that family is so visible, and it’s obvious that they would do anything for each other.

El Salvador 111519 Hannah Burgo's sponsor girl.jpg

As soon as I found out that Marilu was without a sponsor, I jumped at the opportunity to change that. The reaction on that sweet girl’s face when I told her was, by far, the most memorable part of this trip. She hugged me like I was a long-lost member of her family and cried in my arms. It was a life-changing moment for more than just her.

El Salvador 111519 Hannah Burgo.jpg

We were able to enjoy the rest of the afternoon together with lunch, learning about screen-printing, and making piñatas, all of which, she jumped at the chance to teach me. We laughed through it all, as I spoke very incorrect Spanish and struggled with the crafts. The afternoon ended with more hugs, tears, and we exchanged, “I love you”s. What a sweet blessing to experience!

El Salvador 111519 crafts.jpg

- Hannah Burgo