Uganda October 2019 Day 4

Uganda October 2019 Day 4

It is the end of a long day, we are gathered around a wooden table in a cafe with open doors, a coffee mural, and the occasional mosquito. Chatter, deep conversation and encouragement. Six Americans and five African, spiritual leaders of CURE. How do you decompress and reflect? You just start.

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Yesterday, I (Nicole) shared my personal testimony and experience with hydrocephalus- how God healed me. Miracle. One of the pastors translated for me. I had met a Sudanese woman after my testimony and again today. She does not speak English and I did not speak her language; but we have laughed as we both would try to communicate. God is good.

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Later, after crafts with the mothers, another spiritual leader encouraged two of us to truly read the Word of God and speak it over ourselves. Without giving detail now, I would affirm some emotional healing took place for me. God is good.

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Rounding out these highlights, let us return to the cafe from tonight. I was telling one of the pastors that for a long time (up to tonight) I did not fully understand why God would heal me as a baby, how could I then encourage people who were not? The pastor looked at me and, after a few words, stated: "God healed you to share your testimony." Here, hydrocephalus is considered a curse by most people. Hopeless. But, yesterday, I was told to stand before the mothers because I'm a testimony that their babies can still have life and succeed in life. God is so good, and by His grace we are all used. There is purpose in it all.

- Nicole Bernal