Salt Lake City July 2019 Day 5

Salt Lake City July 2019 Day 5


Charlie Anderson - So today we went to a guy named Homer’s house and did a service project that kicked off our day. We pulled weeds, moved rocks, and planted flowers. It was really hot but we worked through the heat. Personally, I think this was our hardest project yet because we had a lot to do and it was all hard work. But I still feel like it was a fun experience and resulted in a lot of service growth for all of us. 

Becky (Jacob) Biernacki - Today we went to the Genesis Project and we dug up a bunch of rose bushes and did a bunch of work outside. Then we went out to the front and picked weeds and picked up trash. After that we went inside and we played 9 square for like 2 hours with the Genesis youth group. After that we went to the worship center and we worshipped and listened to Kirby tell a story about how we need to serve and be observant.

Hannah Thompson - After we left the Genesis Project (GP) we went to the pool to hang out with the GP students. We ate Chick-fil-a and it was alright. We had some good food, fun, and fellowship. Then we drove back to the school, took showers, played a bit, and did some sweet dancing. 

Charlie Anderson, Jacob Biernacki and Hannah Thompson