Mexico June 2019 Day 3

Mexico June 2019 Day 3

Our team started today off with an encouraging devotional led by Mackenzie. We read through some of Ephesians 2 and discussed how to walk in God’s good works. We closed in prayer and set out for the ranch at around 8:30. Upon arrival, we split into three teams and began to make cinder blocks, shovel manure, and dig a ditch. We left at around 12:30 for lunch and followed it up with free time until 4:30. We used this time to talk to many of the children, climb trees, play basketball, and practice for our outreach skit.





As free time drew to a close, we loaded into the vans and drove to village near the church we attended Sunday morning. Soon after we got there, we performed a funny skit of Jonah and the Big Fish. Then we broke into multiple groups and taught the kids that lived there how to play pin the tail on the whale, spike-ball, and use a sling shot to launch small foam balls. We had a great time and the kids had an even better time. After we finished at the village, we set off to return to Base. On our way, we were treated with delicious soda (fruit water and ice cream) from Neyely’s mother’s shop. We arrived at Base and finished the day by worshipping outside the chapel and listened to one of our small groups share their testimonies. Overall, God worked through us to improve the ranch and teach kids about Jonah and God’s great mercy.

Jackson Miller