Mexico June 2019 Day 2

Mexico June 2019 Day 2

Hello Family and Friends!
Today was a great second day and I think today opened eyes for a lot of people about the culture here and helped gain more perspective. We started the day by working at the ranch. I know for me, it was probably the hottest condition I have ever had to work in before. My group worked on making a new soccer field which mostly entailed lots of digging and moving dirt. Other people made cement blocks. It was humbling to see how hard everyone worked both our group and our Mexican brothers and sisters. It was a great experience!





Later in the day, we went down to a village. Many people came and we were able to perform a skit of David and Goliath with around 50 kids in attendance. It was awesome at how engaged they were and also they really loved hanging out and playing games with us. After the skit, we had station games which were very successful. The kids had lots of fun. Personally, I worked at the bracelet making station and by the end all the beads and string were gone. People were so grateful. It was a pretty hard, however, because of the very evident language barrier. We worked through it the best we could, and it was cool to see how we could still have laughs together even though we don’t speak the same language. I met a really sweet girl today who, even though she had very little, she was still offering me things she had, when I have so much compared to her. It was really humbling and the generosity of the people here has really impacted me. Already, I’ve seen God working through us and through good conversations. Please pray that we continue to have more conversations and can do good work in Mexico and share the gospel the best we can, especially as we go to another village tomorrow. Thank you all so much for all your support and prayers!

Olivia Peterson