Mexico June 2019 Day 1

Mexico June 2019 Day 1

Hi woodmen families. Our first day in Chiapas, Mexico has been a blast. Our day was very full and we’ve made some great memories. Our day started with an amazing breakfast, then we took the bus to a church service at El Rebaño del Señor. We were immersed into the Mexican culture and thought the experience was amazing. After church, we went to El. Faro de Esperanza where we had lunch and bonded with the kids while playing games.



Once we were done eating and had packed what was needed, we took the bus again and headed off to the field to play a game of futbol or soccer for those of us from the US. Even though our butts were kicked when we played Mexicans vs. Americans, we had an amazing time and bonded through the game. After some time in the grueling sun, we came back to base and had dinner. After dinner we had worship, devotions, and shared some testimonies. All in all, this day has been pretty awesome. We can’t wait to see what God is going to do in our lives and those around us this trip.

Marissa Leibel