Zambia March 2019 Day 6

Zambia March 2019 Day 6

Robyn and Jennifer shared that the opportunity to love on the moms who have Cerebral Palsy children was one of the highlights of their day! These moms meet every Thursday morning and we saw how the staff at CURE care for those moms in incredible ways. Andrew shared a devotional word with them to encourage their hearts especially with learning how difficult and challenging their daily lives can be.

Andrew teaching moms with CP children (cropped).jpg

Pastor Andrew, Randi and Jennifer were able to observe surgeries of clubfoot and bowed legs from Rickets. In this picture, the doctor is explaining the procedures of the surgeries. The transformation of these children’s lives from the surgeries is amazing and for them to receive this service for free is hard for them to comprehend. It really opens them up to hear the Gospel message.

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Pastor Andrew also had the opportunity to lead a 10 year old girl named Sonja to Jesus when she was in the recovery room after having her broken finger re-set. She didn’t have any understanding of Jesus, why He died on the cross and was resurrected. She was very inquisitive and asked a lot of great questions. Her prayer to trust in Jesus seemed so sincere and she said she will continue to pray every day as she had been doing!

Sonja - led to Christ (cropped).jpg

The staff was amazed at the transformation with the new artwork on the wall in the Children’s Ward! They could not thank our team enough for all the work that went into those murals!

Mural (cropped).jpg

The last day of children’s program and all the goodbyes were hard! Our team shed many tears with the parents and children and we prayed that God would continue to grow the seeds that were planted in the hearts of these families.

The teams final Dinner at Harold and Na’s home which is on the hospital compound was such a treat! The team shared highlights of the week with Harold and Na and thanked them for all their hospitality. We put Harold and Na with all their kids in the middle of the room and layed hands on them and prayed for God’s continual blessing and protection on their lives!