Zambia March 2019 Day 4

Zambia March 2019 Day 4

Older children in CURE often get overlooked due to more attention being given to the younger ones. During the course of these days we had been getting to know a 17 year old and had opportunities to encourage him in his faith. I (Randi) had the opportunity to observe in the operating room this morning, and made it a point to be there for this patients surgery. Prior to anesthesia, I led a prayer with the fellow staff over him. I was also there as he was waking up to be a friendly face and offer words of hope. I feel honored to forever have a footprint in his Christian journey. 


Pastor Andrew was able to give a devotional and connect with 30 mothers who all have children with Cerebral Palsy. Many of the mothers try to meet with these women each week, if they can, as this group is a life line for them. They even call each other on a regular basis for friendship and support. It’s the Church in action! Pastor Andrew was also able to work with Sylvester from the grounds crew to spend the afternoon cleaning up a pile of ceiling tiles, loading them into a wheel barrow and dumping them into the incinerator. 

Robyn, Jennifer and Jill visited a child’s home who was treated by CURE for club foot. The mom is 16 years old and had very difficult circumstances when bringing her child to the hospital. CURE not only provided the surgery, but also spiritual and emotional counseling.


Melanie and Stacy when they arrived at the hospital, they immediately identified a need for murals to be painted on plain walls in the Children’s ward. They have been working hard to complete their work of art before we leave on Friday. The entire Hospital staff is so excited to see the transformation! They cannot thank them enough!


We ended the day with a Braii (Zambian Barbecue) with a feast of meats and sides that were amazing. We all enjoyed the company of some of the doctors and staff as we shared stories and compared the differences of our cultures. What a huge blessing!