Zambia March 2019 Day 3

Zambia March 2019 Day 3


Today we split up to serve in a variety of areas and each one of us had an opportunity to make personal connections with patients and/or staff. We began the morning by joining CURE staff devotional groups. We then had our orientation with the Executive director and his wife.


During the tour of the grounds, we each identified an area we wanted to serve in. I had the opportunity to work alongside some beautiful women who are a part of the Zambia Association for those with Disabilities. We cut out leather forms that will become shoes specially made for the patients undergoing corrective leg procedures.


In their building, they also repair and refurbish wheelchairs, weld leg braces, build special chairs for patients as well as sew cushions for those chairs. Several of their team were people with disabilities themselves.


I had some lively conversations with the 2 women about their lives and families, as well as they asked me questions about my life, my family, and my church. We talked about how incredible it will be to see them again someday in eternity!


A few of us also spent most of the afternoon in the “Playroom” singing educational and spiritual songs with about 22 children, ranging from 2 years old up to 18. We told the story of Creation and helped them with some craft projects. We finished up playing with them with things like Legos and puzzles. It was beautiful to see them engaged in learning and see their smiles light up the room.


Finally tonight one of the ladies on staff cooked us a traditional Zambian meal. It was delicious and very different from our Western menu! Each evening we spend time as a team in prayer and reviewing our day – it is awe-inspiring to listen to each person share how God showed up in unique and personal ways. We are learning to love and serve well!