Zambia March 2019 Day 2

Zambia March 2019 Day 2

Our host Harold took us to the United Church of Zambia where his wife, Na, is a minister. We were given front row seats to the wonderful service and shown the utmost hospitality. The group was moved by worship songs even though we didn’t know the words. We watched them give their offerings in a celebratory procession after the youth gave a short drama about caring for orphans. The message was given with authority and conviction by a young man in their congregation, who just celebrated the youth in so many ways during their “youth weekend”. 


The theme for their church this year is from 1 Samuel 7:12 ~ “Thus Far the Lord Has Brought Us.” Sunday’s subtheme was from Jeremiah 1:5 ~ we are “Designed and Brought Thus Far For A Purpose”. This could not have hit the nail anymore on the head for the group Woodmen has sent to Zambia. 

We are a talented group of people, each drawn on this adventure because we want to serve and believe it is part of our purpose here. We may have been sitting in a church that was lit by the sunlight and lacking A/C, but we were just getting reinforced by the message that God’s design is best, He does not make mistakes, we have a purpose to SERVE and there is an assignment to accomplish. Monday we will start to use our individual abilities that God gave us when he formed us in the womb, but also fulfilling the Great Commission, the best assignment to accomplish!


From day one, the Lord has been preparing our hearts and our minds through those we encounter. For example, my row on the flight to Lusaka was empty and I climbed across to the window seat. I was joined by a man who sat down in the middle and immediately engaged me in a conversation that lasted for at least two hours. This man, Collens, is now a friend for life. He said if I ever come to his country, Zimbabwe, that he would always be there for me. He said love is the most important thing in life and our highest calling. He said now that we are friends we can never not be friends. There is no difference between us and no division. We are all one in Christ. Our consistent faith was so evident. We both got our meal, held hands and prayed together. It was a beautiful gift from the Lord.


Another example was our trip to the open air craft market. In all the craziness of a very hectic and crowded area, a mother and daughter duo were an oasis of peace. They were calm, kind and respectful as we perused their fabrics. They were proud but very humble about their handiwork. As one my passions is cooking, I can proudly wear my new apron that they made while serving meals to the CURE campus.


As the doctors help to give these children better futures by healing their physical bodies, the Holy Spirit has gone before us building new relationships through fellowship on planes, in church, at meals and in markets.

So then let us pursue what makes for peace and mutual upbuilding ~ Romans 14:19