KENYA Missions Trip - Day 8

KENYA Missions Trip - Day 8

Hey family and friends! Today was our last day working in the CURE hospital because we will be in Nairobi tomorrow until our flight leaves at 10:30 pm. Today was bitter sweet as many of the patients the team connected with were discharged, which is amazing for them because they get to go home, but we had to say goodbye. I think that attitude was carried throughout our activities and service as we knew it was the last time we would be doing them (which was great if you were washing dishes!)

We started out the day going to the various hospital department devotions. Mackie Tate, Tia and I went to the devotions with the kitchen staff with 6 CURE staff members. All of the staff in the hospital have been doing a devotion on submission and the discussion that we were able to have with the ladies was really amazing. They just have such a heart for God and are full of love and joy and are so welcoming and warm.

We then split into groups: maintenance, going to the ward, washing dishes, and playing with kids in the playroom. We all pulled weeds together because the president of Kenya and his wife are visiting the hospital on the 21st for the grand opening of their new building for offices and outpatients and for the 20th anniversary of CURE Kijabe so they wanted the grounds to look extra nice.

We sang songs during fellowship in the ward with the patients and I think we all just felt very close to each other and to the staff and patients. Saying goodbye to the spiritual staff was difficult. They were all hugging us and saying they would miss us and that we should come back if we could.

We have all LOVED our trip to Kenya, playing with the kids, learning about the culture, and seeing the beautiful country. We are sad to leave, but excited to see all of you and tell what God did and is doing here.