Estonia Mission Trip - English Team - Day 3

Estonia Mission Trip - English Team - Day 3

Hey all!

As our third and final full day of camp comes to a close, know that we all are filled with joy.

We were told during our day of training in Tallinn of how much spiritual warfare there has been this year. To be honest with you, I think most of us acknowledged it, but fairly quickly brushed it off. But geez, we had no idea just how much we would be tested in these following days.

In a strange way, it’s very good to know that we are being tested like this. We know that the enemy would not bother to mess with us if we weren’t doing exactly what was right by God. And let me tell you, there has been so much goodness that has come from this week alongside the hardships.

I’m not gonna lie, this trip has consisted of a LOT of tears. What I can say without a doubt though is through that pain, there has been growth in each of our relationships with Christ (both Estonian and American). God is really working through these students and I can vouch for my entire team when I say that our job here this week has been to plant seeds. That being said, tonight at least three Estonians have accepted Jesus into their hearts.

I’m sure tomorrow will contain more tears as we say goodbye to our new friends, but I’m blessed to know that it won’t be goodbye forever.

P.S., Today was one of our teammates sweet sixteen which was so special. What a way to spend a birthday: with tons of new friends across the globe. Happy Birthday Katie, we love you!