KENYA Missions Trip - Day 7

KENYA Missions Trip - Day 7

Day 7 was an awesome day! Until today I wasn’t really enjoying myself. There were too many bugs, people who didn’t speak my language and cold showers. However, today I did some things that even doing in the States would make me uncomfortable.

We started the day by heading to the hospital at 7:45 am. We went to chapel as a team with the entire staff. It was a really cool lesson given about being submissive.

Afterwards half of us went to a home visit and my group did maintenance. Wen went around digging through sewers and picking up grasshopper legs. In the middle of pulling weeds we were pulled in for tea time. Kenyans are so hospitable!

After lunch and a bunch more picking up of trash my team went into the patient’s ward. We tried to make sock puppets with everyone, but it ended up mostly being with the adults.

On Monday everyone was very shy and not very friendly; however, today people were running around and loving each other. The moms have even made little cliques within their sections. During fellowship Hayley shared her story. It moved a lot of people including fellow team members.

Tomorrow is our last day and we are so sad to have to leave these wonderful people. Kenya will forever have a place in our hearts.