KENYA Missions Trip- Day 5

KENYA Missions Trip- Day 5

What a day! Where to start? We started off the day with devotions. The team was split into five different groups and divided off through the hospital of CURE. Getting to know the staff along with worshiping and reading the bible with them was truly a blessing.

After the devotions, the whole team got to do a home visit. It just can’t stop getting better. Can you believe we fit 17 people in a 11-seat passenger car! I know right. Plus, the ride felt like a roller coaster. It was pretty fun. Think of four-wheeling, but way better. After a bumpy ride, we finally arrived to the house. We had to take a small hike, but the view made it worth it.

After arriving at the house, we got to meet the mother and the daughter. We got to ask a lot of questions, prayed, and filled their hearts with a sweet song of “Reckless Love.” We also got to drink some great tasting African tea, which the mom made. If you ever visit Kenya, you better get used to that tea, because they serve it everywhere. Literally. After a sweet house visit, we made our way back to the guest house of where we were staying, and had an awesome egg sandwich, with some delicious tasting tropical fruit. Our cook also makes the best peanut butter cookies I know. If the team comes back fat, it’s because of peanut butter cookies.

After some down time, we headed back to the hospital and got to bless some sweet children and their parents. Balloons were flying, crayons were coloring, and giggles were echoing. It has been such a blessing helping out at the hospital. Our time ended with a sweet fellowship. It’s so cool seeing people dancing their heart out for the Lord. It makes your heart have the warm and fuzzies. After a two-hour session at the hospital that felt more like five, we took a long walk home and enjoyed the nice weather and each other’s company.

Arriving home, we had a nice family dinner. We were able to fit all fifteen people at one table. Talk about a family dinner! We then ended the night with a team debrief meeting, which included a devotion, our highs and lows of the day, and testimony sharing. What a great day! I don’t think anyone can walk away not feeling blessed.