Estonia Mission Trip - English Team - Day 2

Estonia Mission Trip - English Team - Day 2

Hello all our favorite parents!

We are finishing up our second day of camp and without fail have had potatoes with ever meal, but we aren’t complaining … yet. The shy kids we welcomed to camp two days ago are engaging in group discussion, asking hard questions, and crushin’ the camp dance. Today we had English Environments where we got to explain common phases we use in American like “on the same wavelength” and “it’s not rocket science” while building connections and having a good laugh. They have probably taught us more Estonian than we have taught them English, but hey God works in mysterious ways.

During free time we taught the Estonians Ultimate Frisbee and had a nice crisp swim in a lake near camp. Individually we are connecting with different campers as we begin to dig deeper and its only day two!! Pray the Lord continues to soften and open heart for leaders, interns, support staff, campers and their families.

If you haven’t heard from your favorite child, they are alive, having a blast and only missing you a little bit … vabandust (that is “Sorry” in Estonian for you average folks).

Peace Peeps

P.S. In an effort to show appreciation for the Estonians serving all our food this week, we learned to say “Thank You” in Estonian … However, it keeps coming out “Help Me!” A comedic and troubling mistake, but we are practicing.