Salt Lake City - Day 6

Salt Lake City - Day 6

Visiting the Genesis Project and Making New Friends

Finally getting some sleep after hard work the day before, we wrote cards to ourselves and postcards to all of our donors thanking them for their contribution to our fundraising for this amazing trip.

Then we hopped into the vans and made our way to the Genesis Project. There we played Nine Square, hacky sack toss, ping pong, soccer, had lunch, and interacted with the students there. After a few hours of playing games and hanging out, we went to a house the church had recently bought and helped them out peeling paint and power washing the entire house.

As a treat, today was 7-11 day so we were able to grab free slushies to cool us down in the hot sun. Additionally, the Genesis Project treated everyone to coffee at the near coffee shop, which was delicious. We were able to meet and socialize with the other kids and become a part of their youth group tonight with a fun skit about the Good Samaritan played by our fellow students. Even though we were all pretty exhausted after everything we have already done, we headed to the pool, where a scene in the Sandlot was filmed, to relax and chill before the long car ride tomorrow.

Lastly, we headed back to LCA to say our last goodbyes to Alfred, roast him just a little, and be a part of one last devo before the trip ended. This trip has been incredibly amazing with new and stronger relationships with our friends and God.

After helping out the city of Salt Lake we have become much more grateful for the blessings God has given us and never taking them for granted. It’s going to be a very early and sad morning tomorrow saying goodbye to everyone but we can’t wait to head back to our families and share the wonderful things God as done.