Salt Lake City - Day 5

Salt Lake City - Day 5

Exploring Temple Square and Helping Harvest Bible Chapel

After an early morning in our vans—we had been placed in new vans for the day and had the opportunity to mingle with some of the other team members—we headed toward Temple Square in Salt Lake City. We all separated into our small groups and headed to our previously assigned areas.

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We spent the better part of the morning exploring Temple Square and learning more about the Mormon religion and the different buildings that are in the Square. After eating a filling lunch, we headed towards the infamous Blue House. We spent the afternoon separating into smaller groups. Some of us helped clean the inside and outside of the Blue House. Others went to help Harvest Bible Chapel, the church just down the street from the Blue House.

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There were two groups that went to help Harvest, one group went to the church its self to clean and the others went to pass out fliers at the Weber State University building and dorms. Soon we gathered again in the backyard of the Blue House for some dinner consisting of the second best pizza in the world. Russ shared some of his story with us and answered and explained many aspects of Mormon religion to us. After we had helped clean and said our goodbyes we went on an adventure to Sonic where we all enjoyed a few laughs and some treats.

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Soon we came back to Layton Christian Academy where we all separated for some alone-with-Jesus time. We spent some time formulating questions and praying about them. We soon gathered in our small groups in the gym for some time to debrief and discuss our thoughts about today. Soon after that we all parted ways and went to our separate sleeping quarters to bunk and (hopefully) get some rest for the next long day.
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