Salt Lake City - Day 4

Salt Lake City - Day 4

Apartment Outreach and Homeless Help out

After a breakfast and packing a lunch we got into our vans and headed to the church that previously had Woodmen’s help. Alfred shared an inspiring story about his childhood and the difficulties he has gone through, it touched every missions team in there including the team from Idaho and Upper Colorado.

After that we went into the vans again and went to the International Peace Garden. We prayed over anything we needed and hoped for in the future. It was a very beautiful experience and we all prayed for the community around us.


The apartment outreach was next. Most of the kids were wondering when Alfred was coming back and they were so happy that the whole team of “Super heroes” were coming to have some fun. After serving the community and picking up trash and MANY relationships, we went to Mo Bettah which was the Hawaiian grill for some sweet spicy food.


After that we went to the Sandlot set outside and alternated between eating ice cream and playing baseball. It was a lot of fun because the first pitch made it over the fence. Then we went to the homeless park, picked up trash, and made some conversations with those taking refuge in the park. After a long debrief we finally went to bed and settled down.