Salt Lake City - Day 2

Salt Lake City - Day 2

Salt Lake City - Sorta Kinda Day 2 

We started the day off by heading to Victory church and pulling weeds to help with landscaping.

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Pastor Ernie is relocating the church into an old, abandoned warehouse that had been taken over by birds and enlisted our help. He told us all about his vision for the building and then we split into two groups.

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One group went to the “Bird House” and the other passed out flyers in the surrounding neighborhood to spread the word about the upcoming lowrider car show (which we will be working tomorrow). The group in the new church had to clear out all of the glass and bird poop that covered the floor while the other group walked the neighborhoods. Using brooms and shovels the team cleared out the debris and removed unneeded walls and appliances. It was an amazing experience to see the building’s transformation and imagine the future impact that building could once have on so many lives.

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Later that afternoon, we travelled to Roger and Heidi’s house where we got the opportunity to hear Alfred’s history, pull some more weeds, and ride their horses.

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During our debrief back at the school, everyone shared the ups and downs of the day. Many of us students realized that even though the jobs we were doing seemed small we made a huge impact on the present and the future of Utah. We thank God for this experience and we pray for more successful days ahead.

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