The Syrian Refugee Crisis is overwhelming. It is the largest human-caused catastrophe the world has seen in 75 years and there’s no solution in sight. There are 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Jordan alone. But perhaps calling it The Crisis is part of the problem, because it lets us off the hook. It allows us to define human suffering in terms of colorful infographics, sweeping strategies and billions of dollars.

All this high-level discussion can immunize us from gazing into the eyes of The Crisis. It allows us to forget that The Crisis is made up of faces and names — of individuals and families.

A Woodmen team recently traveled to Jordan to better understand the plight of refugees — to seek signs of hope and to get a first-hand look at how Woodmen people are making a difference. We listened more than we spoke.

On the following pages you’ll see glimpses of people we met — children, women and men who are not just discussing The Crisis. They’re living it. Let these images lead you as you pray with us. Please join us in calling out to God on behalf of these people who desperately need His help today. Let us pray.


God, when your people suffer, we know that You are not far off. To meet humanity in our deepest sorrow and greatest need, You came close in the person of Christ. Today we ask You to be the constant companion of our refugee brothers and sisters in Jordan and beyond.


Heavenly Father, in the eyes of people who have seen too much death and darkness, would You bring back the light of joy? Let their hearts come fully alive in You.


Holy Spirit, our Comforter and Helper, would You continue to call workers from around the world to help these refugee families who have lost so much. For the many who are already serving, would you cultivate hearts of wisdom, patience and mercy in those who come to serve.


Christ, Prince of Peace, thank You for letting Your people at Woodmen take part in restoring and sharing Your love with refugees in Jordan. Through giving, serving and praying, let the words of our mouths and the work of our hands be multiplied through Your grace. Help us to grow in humility, remembering that we are all refugees who find our true home and refuge only in You. Amen.