Students - July 2021 - Nashville - Day 5

Students - July 2021 - Nashville - Day 5

Nashville day 5!

Today was a wonderful day filled with milkshakes, mosquitos and lots of memories! 

We all awoke bright and early to get a head start on the work we had planned before the Tennessee heat rolled in. After a scrumptious hotel breakfast, we all drove to a local elementary school and helped out with their community garden, where the children often have classes and extra curricular activities. After a lot of hard work, we headed back to Proclamation Church where we enjoyed a palatable lunch together.  

After lunch, we cleaned out offices in the church and then headed back to the hotel for naps and a very refreshing swim. We all had dinner together and then headed back to the church for a prayer walk. 

Then we all went to The Cookout for DELICIOUS milkshakes and fries. 

Day 5 in Nashville was an absolute blast and we are all excited for what the Lord has in store tomorrow. 


-Mayce Pinyerd

(Love you Padre, Marmie and Seester)