Monument Initiative

Each Woodmen campus faces a unique facilities need and opportunity in the coming months. The Rockrimmon campus is working on renovation and Woodmen Heights is exploring expansion. Those of us who call Monument home have the chance to give toward a future facilities fund. Together these three projects, one for each campus, make up an initiative that we’re calling Partners in the Gospel.

Monument Initiative

Since the beginning of Woodmen's Monument campus (formerly called Gleaeagle), we’ve seen God move in amazing ways. In 2015, a school sat empty on weekends, but soon that same building was bursting with life and love as we worship and fellowship together. We’re already averaging 800 people each weekend, and we believe God has even greater things in store. In October of 2017, our campus moved to a larger school, Bear Creek Elementary, just north of Baptist Road. But this is only the next chapter in the journey.

We know that the church is made up of people, not buildings. But we also understand that facilities can be catalysts for more effective ministry. The gospel leads us to seek ever-increasing impact in our community, because so many of our neighbors need the hope only God provides. We believe that in the years to come, the right building can play a key role in the life of our Monument campus, providing a hub for outreach and growth. 

Together, our elders and key staff are in the early stages of planning the future of our campus. We envision a day when people will gather throughout the week at a dedicated Monument facility to connect and build community. We see students worshiping in a space they can call their own and kids learning in rooms that reflect God’s love for children. 

When will this dream come to life? Will we look to lease or buy an existing property, or build something new? These are just a few of the questions we’ll consider and pray over in the months ahead. 

We’ll bring you a progress reports as they are available. Sometime in the future, as part of our Partners in the Gospel initiative, we’ll invite you to join in funding this project as we look toward the future God is calling us to build together. In the mean time, we hope you’ll join us in praying for God’s clear direction and our discernment and obedience as we plan.

Although we are only in the planning phase, we have established a designated fund for this Monument project. 

Just as we've seen God’s faithfulness in the early days of our campus, we look forward with anticipation to His unfailing grace that will carry us in the days to come. We’re grateful to you for sharing the journey with us as we partner in the gospel together.

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