– June 12/13, 2021 –


An Angry Man, Jonah 4:1-4

  1. Jonah's response. | Jonah 4:1
  2. Jonah's prayer. | Jonah 4:2
  3. Jonah's request. | Jonah 4:3
  4. God's question. | Jonah 4:4


Glorious Day

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Hallelujah For The Cross

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Exalted Over All

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O Praise the Name

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House of Miracles

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Getting connected takes courage. Let us help you take the first step! Our volunteers at Connect Central are excited to meet you after today’s service. Joining a Christ-centered community is a great way to grow in your faith and be an encouragement to others. Come find out how your kids can plug into student ministries. If you’re looking for a place to use your talents and serve in ministry we’d be happy to point you in the right direction. If you’ve been around Woodmen for a while we’d love to connect with you. If you’re new, learn what we’re all about and receive a free welcome gift from our team. Come say, Hello!


At Woodmen we believe that God is the giver of every good thing. It is our great privilege to respond by giving back what He first gave us. Stewarding our finances comes not from a sense of obligation or burden, but out of our hearts filled with generosity and gratitude. We believe that Colorado Springs and the world will come to know Jesus through the multiplication of our gifts. Your giving lays a solid foundation to sustain the ongoing work of ministry. If you’re ready to contribute financially to the ways that God is moving through our church family, you can give as the offering bucket is passed during the service or you can give online RIGHT HERE.


Welcome to church, we’re so excited to have you with us! This weekend, on Sunday June 13 at 11 AM, you’re invited to join with others who are new to Woodmen and meet your campus pastor and other leaders. Don’t miss your chance to have your burning Woodmen questions answered. Curious about how you can plug into community here? Great! We’d love to tell you. Wondering what the best hike in town is? We’ve got you covered! Want to know our stance on baptism. No problem. We're glad to unpack our beliefs. All are welcome to join in on the fun whether you’ve been attending Woodmen for a long or little while. Childcare is provided. Let your campus know you’re coming, CLICK HERE.

Expand Your Horizons

Don’t miss your chance to explore a topic that will deepen your faith or expand your horizons at Woodmen U this summer! We have a variety of shorter classes, all on Mondays, that start on various dates. If you can’t make it every week don’t let that stop you from diving in with us. With a wide variety of classes you can choose to explore 1 or more throughout the summer. Topics range from marriage tune-ups, culture and creativity, theology and more! There are fun options for whatever stage of life you are in. It’s not too late to join a community of life-long learners through a variety of workshops that will push you in your faith and develop your passions. Childcare is provided. Explore classes and sign up RIGHT HERE.

Mission Complete

This week kiddos across Colorado Springs launched into eternity and beyond during, SPACE BLAST, a video-based Kids Summer Day Camp. A special Thank You to all who made space in their living rooms and backyards for our little astronauts to explore God’s love and grasp the gospel. To those who stepped up in schools and homes to lead, Thank You. Your hospitality and leadership will have a lifelong effect on our youth. We’re grateful for your commitment to ministry through serving. 


In August, many families in El Paso County will be in need of resources for the upcoming school year. The Backpack Bash is a citywide effort to provide school supplies to 15,000 students! Starting on June 14 through July 17, we will be collecting backpacks at all Woodmen Campuses in the Feeding Families bins. You can make a difference in a student's life by providing them with a backpack full of school supplies to make their next school year awesome! Get all the specifics RIGHT HERE.


Join us as we send out and pray for over 200 people on our 5 international and 4 domestic Woodmen mission trip teams. Each unique team will engage in meaningful work leaving a lasting impact on the communities they serve. As a congregation, we want to come together to pray for the spiritual preparation and development of our teams and ask that God meet the needs and mission they’re going to serve. We also pray for the health, safety and travel of each individual responding to God’s call. Join us in praying for the following teams:


June 6–10, 2021 | Middle School Student Team

Sixth, seventh and eighth grade Middle School Students had the opportunity to spend a week together serving locally. Students served in schools around the city providing Woodmen’s Summer Day Camp in the morning and completed a variety of service projects around Colorado Springs in the afternoon.


June 18–25, 2021 | High School Student Team

In Chiapas, Mexico, our team will work with Lost & Found International to help at their ranch and reach out in local villages. They will serve alongside the ministry through work projects, children’s programs and outreach opportunities to offer hope and share the love of Jesus with the community.


June 25–28, 2021 | Middle & High School Student Team

Our team will work with the Genesis Project (GP) to complete service projects in the Fort Collins community. They will serve alongside GP students with outreach activities like doing yard work, cleaning, or assisting in homes for the elderly.


June 26–July 3, 2021 | High School Student Team

In Guatemala, our team will work at the Learning Center to serve children in the community. They will host a children’s program, help local staff and teachers with work projects and share the love of Jesus with the children and families from the surrounding villages.

Salt Lake City

July 9-15, 2021 | Middle School Student Team

In partnership with local churches and organizations, our team will be serving underprivileged communities around Salt Lake City. They will be painting, landscaping and hosting neighborhood outreaches to love the people of this area well.

Dominican Republic

July 11-18, 2021 | Adult Team

Our team will serve alongside workers at occupational ministry sites meeting spiritual, physical, and emotional needs in hard-to-reach communities. They'll join with local missionaries working in agriculture, education, health care, physical therapy, sports, and social work to meet real needs in real communities.

Dominican Republic

July 12-24, 2021 | High School Student Team

In the Dominican Republic, our team will serve alongside staff at occupational ministry sites to meet spiritual, physical, and emotional needs in hard-to-reach communities. As they serve those in need, they’ll become a vital part of what God is doing to change lives in Jarabacoa.


July 15-26, 2021 | High School Student Team

In Guatemala, our team will work at the Learning center to serve children in the community. They will host a children’s program, help local staff and teachers with work projects and share the love of Jesus with the children and families from the surrounding villages.


July 17-24, 2021 | High School Student Team

As they seek to serve and love their city, our team will support Proclamation Church, our partnering church plant. They will help with work projects, host children’s programs in the neighborhood surrounding the church and will join in activities to love the Nashville area well.